about mp interiors

Hi, my name is MarcelaPaz, and I’m welcoming you to my site.

I have a vast experience in the construction field, where everything has its beginning, and where a lot of the decisions are made whenever it is possible. Through the years, I have been over viewings all kinds of Home Projects, from additions, renovations, updates, new spaces, and all kinds of Kitchen and Bath upgrades. This has helped me to develop a great eye for space, so planning space is one of my qualities, as it is thinking about all possible problems before even begin, so being able to find solutions, is crucial for me.

I studied Interior Decorating, as an addition to all my knowledge after 7 years in the field, and soon after that, I started to try different software’s that would help me to aid my career.
3D was something that I needed to learn, so I did. It was becoming “the new thing” in the field. I tried different software’s that were available, and after a while, I decided that I would base my skills on software that produce Architectural Visualization, and for the last 10 years, I have been working and perfecting my knowledge of this specific type of software, keeping a close eye on what else is on the market. Now, I use it as a professional Freelancer, as an integral part of my services.

Producing 3D Renderings or Architectural Visualizations is essential in today’s market. Computer images are the most effective way to show to a customer the vision that I see for their spaces. Does not matter if your project is small, or large, or if you don’t have a real idea of how the design will work for you, Architectural Visualizations or 3D Renderings will save you time and money, giving you a more realistic idea of what can you expect from your project.

The sole idea of working with 3D renderings to produce Architectural Visualizations is very challenging for me. It can be used in so many ways, like help you to decide on structural changes, furniture placement, wall decor, or other decisions, like show you the best layout, combinations of colors, or many others.
Now a days, Architectural Visualizations are essential for  new facades, exterior spaces, additions, kitchen and baths, and the creation of new spaces, like a new closet, laundry rooms, or new office space. The use of 3D Renders can be elemental for you to see how just an idea, can become a real thing.


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