How This Service Work



Browse through the Services offered,

find the service or services that will suit your “Home Project” the best.



Get in contact with me; send me an email, basic information,

and the request for the Service that you have chosen.



After I received your email, I will be able to send you a brief questionnaire asking about your preferences, and some other basic information ( you are not obligated to answer but it will help to build up your profile as a customer ) that will help me to build a relationship between you, (the Customer) and me, (the Interior Decorator).



Once I get the questionnaire back I will be able to know which will be the best way to work with you (the customer), also I will know If you have access to read files in word, excel, PDF, etc., and soon after that I will send you the formal Proposal for the service requested, including a measuring sheet (if your Project needs one), and an informational sheet on how to take the pictures (if they are needed).


Payment arrangement will be discuss in the formal proposal that will be send to you, and after that communication will set, either email, regular mail, phone ( in some cases) or Video-Conference if it is the preference.

Most of the payments are due at moment of ordering the service.
There is no refund on payment already done; this is a service that you are contracting.
You will have permanent support for as long as your Home Project takes to be finished. (Emails will be answer promptly)



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